Medication - End of Ends Lyrics

Artist: Medication Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Prince Valium
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in the end of ends
there is nothing left for you where you begin
let the needle in
swallow it whole never let you go
i know enough about you
hollow and empty but i don't care
cuz i did it before and i'll do it again
and again never win
i never wanted to
see you near me
you wanna be wanted
and i can't take anymore
the more i touch you the more i hate you
like i never did before
did it set you free
if there's something for nothing
i can't see
redefining sin
the man on the cross he is lost
who is your saviour now
and do you follow through now
or do you lose
pay for what you do
cuz i said it before and i'll say it again
and again never win
i never wanted to
well i'm hanging on
along the way
i've been here before
i've seen the blood drain away

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