Meek Mill Kendrick You Next Lyrics

Artist: Meek Mill
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So okay you want to see some macho shit?
I'm the most macho nigger out here.
I'm the most I thought you niggers knew
I'm the most thuggish nigger out here.
I have no motherfucking fear, have no fear
I have only ambition and I want mine
And I would do anything to protect and feed my family

First off, fucked yo bitch nigger get a blood test
You a upset nigger where the love at?
When we talking bout Philly know I fucking run that
Same place I've been up corners
you can never come back
You fraud nigger ball like
I'm Chrissy Paul nigger
I cross niggers when you hate it when you lost nigger
You soft nigger paying disrespect yo boss nigger!
You dissing to get you on that'll get you off nigger
Broad nigger you was screaming' come to my hotel
Nigger we was slinging work out the motel!
No scale Barry Reese I know you so well
I caught your chick
I pulled that bitch like she a coat tail
Let's keep it trilla
You ain't never make a dope sale
You ain't never played that corner make a coke sale
On a late night swimming with the great whites
You was rocking' durags big T's fake Mike's
Boy you had a wild week
Shopping on Canal Street
Same place you bought
Your fake chain and your time-piece
How we gonna believe you?
Nigger I should lead you!
Talking PC that was never Beanie Sigel!
That was never me why you lying to the people?
I was locked down still doing shit illegal
Running around in jail like
I ain't give a hell when
You was on PC locking it with males

Man I ain't got time for this shit let me get another one

23 and 1 never get to see the sun
Had to get a glass visit
Just so you could see your son
Took a deal on your homie
Cause you couldn't beat the gun
They was tryna give you life
Man you know that wasn't right
Then you left him in the hood
On his head he had a price
You ain't even give a call
Other niggers shot him twice
Niggers tryna get a buzz
Off my name for some likes
Dead rapper I'm at you
Imma give you one tonight Cassidy
Boy you so trash to me
Do the math I did shoot that's subtract to me
You ain't popping
What the fuck could you add to me
You just another dead body another casualty
I'm in the streets so I do this beat casually
And I ain't even write this shit why you mad at me?
Cause you nursery rhyming flow perfectly timing
And I'm giving gas
I'm in the Aston what Swizy designed
Now beat it I know you're heated but I know you need it
I got that Justin Bieber please believe it
Nigger I know you see it
They play piano at your viewing
Let Alicia key it
I asked Swizzy Could She Do It?" he said "Nigger beat it"
Swizz don't fuck with you
Melo didn't even
You fucked that check up
You bit the hand that feed you
And you was 6 feet
You got me digging deeper
Hold up let's switch the beat
So I can spit some Ether

Oh shit! You purple dickie wearing durag
Over sized fitted fake air 1 wearing nigger

Uh, I say come on with your soft ass
All you niggers all trash
Couldn't bet a 100 grand
Nigger that's a small tab
Imma hit him where it hurts
This gonna make his dog mad
This verse gonna hit this nigger harder than that car crash
That you should've died
Then I'm mad that you survived it
But I came to murder you and have you scuba diving
Swimming with the fishes
All you niggers is bitches
Dick riders knocking on the wood superstitious
Pause that I'm all that
I'm really in the trenches
And when I see you nigger
Imma have you jumping fences
Cutting through the alleys
You must be on the molly
Sniffing all that white shit
And fucking with that Bobby
Come to your hotel
And meet you in the lobby
Just to world star you
And do you just like
Hearns did Martin I burn in the Martin
That Aston when I start it like a lion when it's roaring
Boy you lying you ain't touring
You can't even get a show
Shit you like a pound of Reggie
They can get you for the low
And I'm like a brick of Diesel
It cost 60 for the flow
You ain't a gangsta you a wanksta
Nigger 50 even know

You say you a gangsta
But you never pop nothing
And you locked your homey out
When you heard the cops coming
Rapping for a longtime
Nigger you ain't got nothing
You ain't wanna battle Mook
Neither nigger stop fronting
Damn homey in high school
You was the man homey
Fuck happened to you?
You had a doghouse with a doghouse in the backyard
Now you living in a doghouse in the backyard
Nigger I was broke then
Now I got blackcard
Your career maxed out
You're shit like mac card
Easy nigger I talk greasy nigger
And Imma stunt on Instagram
Just to tease you nigger

Couple months we at the funeral
I swear to God that shit was beautiful
Five XT's durag's the usual
Your mama screaming like
Cassidy what they do to you? Oh
And this shit called Kendrick You Next
I'm just on some shit this time everybody get it
You say my name
I give you a thousand
It's just that simple
Meek Mill
Enough with that!