Melodie MC - Bomba Deng Lyrics

Artist: Melodie MC Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on The Return
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Boom, pa pa deng deng, now shake your boody to it.
Boom, pa pa deng deng, ain't nothing to it, do it !
Boom, pa pa deng deng, now shake your boody to it.
Boom, pa pa deng deng, ain't nothing to it, do it !

One to the two, to the three, to the 94
Here comes another bomb dropping on the dance floor
So check out, check out,
Watch out, watch out, check out
Cause I'm about to go boom,
When I blast now Jo Keine
I know I'm not going insain,
Like Cypress Hill I gotta know games
Goin' on, libreses, speakers on the microphone
And the way I feel is just beautiful, are heading
So are you cool, are you there, are you kidding?
One hundred procent made of steel,
But that's not the way I am. That's the way I feel,
So are you ready to go up against a guy like me?
Get realistic, couse you're dealing with the melodie
But stealing, telling me and shoot me? Afraid of you
Knock, knock, knock
And hope the message is coming true.

94, tree to the two, to the one,
All I wanna do is have a lot of fun
So maybe I should tell Mariah come in from
No paredn't me, that's already done
O-O-kej-kej but any way way, I like to say:
Hey, this is my day!
From the first minute this morning when I woke up
I started to write this wram and no I can't stop.
But that's not a problem, not a problem - that's it
You know why - I get a kick out of it
To dropping down the bonnet to the child..
I got you you.
I like it, I like it, I hope you like it too too.
Zip the dee-joo yeach, zip the DJ, Hey ! Hey !
Isn't that a song about that beautiful day.
But anyway, but anyway
This Is the melodie comin' your way,
This is the motherfucking music
I go playing like a dringle (Ciooo, chaka, ciooo, ciooo)
Knock, knock, knock,
And hope the message is coming true

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