Mercury Rev - Hudson Line Lyrics

Artist: Mercury Rev Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Deserter's Songs
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Why'don't need much money t' ride th' silver train
Just enough t' keep yerself from sleepin' in th' rain
Satellites 'are chasin' silver clouds away an'
Technicolor raindrops wash gumballs down th' drain

Gonna leave th' city, gonna hop a train tonite
Gotta one-way ticket an' th' moon is shinin' brite
Gonna leave th' city, gonna catch th' hudson line
'Cause why'know I love th' city, but I haven't got th' time

Satellites 'are chasin' th' silver clouds away
Mercury's a' fallin' yeah who forgot t' pray
Silver trains will whistle an' glisten by th' moon
Molly's got her kite and joe has his balloons
Satellites 'are chasin' silver clouds away
I'm stuck on th' tracks t' sleep away th' day

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