Meriwether - Girl in Mexico Lyrics

Artist: Meriwether Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Make Your Move
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She had her heart set on Mexico. One day she packed her bags and said she go. Before she left she said all her goodbyes. Her father wasn't there, her mother cried.

She wrote a letter home, Mother how are you? Forward speaking, in tonguesshe had places she should go, maybe somewhere, Mexico.

One day she got a letter in the mail. It was her mother saying all is well. She said her father needed her to pray. She said momma I'll be home someday.

And she's callin home. And her father spoke. it's been such a long time, he didn't realize she was ever alone.

And she's callin home. And her mother spoke. it's been such a long time together they cried. she's on her way home, and now she's home

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