Meriwether - Machine Gun Baby Lyrics

Artist: Meriwether Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Make Your Move
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Shes a machine gun. Watch her as she walks by. it's never been seen or done. she's got machine gun eyes.

She has seen many come and go. She has seen empires fall. But I am the one she wont let go. I am the one she calls machine gun baby wont you maybe take me fore a while.

I was the bad son. I am the middle guy. I am to blame for what's been done. I should just crawl up and die.

I just now realized she's got machine gun eyes please come and take me down. she's like the horoscope that I don't wanna know, please smile and say you're mine.

And if your body was the white house, I'd have the continental breakfast and the tour. If she is heaven, I am hell cause Im a seven I can tell that she wants so much more

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