Merlin - The Playboy Interview Lyrics

Artist: Merlin Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Merlin's Arcade
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My favorite book is TV Guide. My favorite band is no longer alive. I
live with twenty machines. I wish I lived with twenty wives. If you're
wondering where the fuzz is... And you're wondering wehre the raps
are... Then you never really knew mw. How can you rate me only one star?
I never reat red meat at all. I stay away from crowded malls. My indi
label's called Channel three. Critics like you get the albums for free.
But you're still wondering where the fuzz is. I wrote songs for a few
pop groups. I play the drums not just sample loops. When I kick back I
drink herbal tea. But that's now what you want to know about me. No.
You're wondering where the fuzz is

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