Merril Bainbridge - Sleeping Dogs Lyrics

Artist: Merril Bainbridge Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Garden
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Why do we torment each other
Why can't we just let sleeping dogs lay
Beat each other to the pulp
And make up all in one day
Guess I'm getting pretty tired
Of living life this way
But it's a love hate kinda thing
I don't know where to go
With this love hate kinda thing
Why do you say it's black
I know it's white
Why can't we just call it quits without a fight
I don't think you're very smart
You don't think I'm very pretty
Guess we never thought at all
And it seems like such a pity
I looked at the sky
Holding my hands over my eyes
'Til I fell out of bed
Hurting my head
From the things that you said

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