Metallica - Stone Cold Crazy Lyrics

Writer(s) : Deacon, John / May, Brian Harold / Mercury, Freddie / Taylor, Roger
Artist: Metallica Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Garage Inc.
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Sleepin' very soundly on a Saturday morning
I was dreamin' I was Al Capone
Rumor goin' round gotta clear outta town
Smellin' like a dry fish bone

Here come the law gonna break down the door
Gonna tear me away once more
Never never never want it any more
Gotta get away from the stone cold law

Stone cold crazy yeah
Rainy afternoon got a killer typhoon
Playin' on my saxaphone

Anymore anymore cannot take it anymore
Gotta get away from the stone cold law
Stone cold crazy (lets go)

Walkin' down the street
Shootin' people that I meet
Fully loaded Tommy gun
Here come the deputy tryin' ****in' gettin' me

Gotta ****in' get up and run
They got the sirens loose
I run right outta juice
They're gonna put me in a cell if I can't go to hell

Lemme go to hell
Stone cold crazy yeah

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