Metro Station - Now That We're Done Lyrics

Writer(s) : Musso, Mason / Cyrus, Trace / Healy, Timothy / Improgo, Anthony
Artist: Metro Station Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Metro Station
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She's just a friend, you see
You always agree
You know I lie but you still trust me
And you believed in so much hope
But I'm the one who let you go

Now that we're done I'm so sorry
Why did I lie I'm so sorry
I know I hurt you
I know I hurt you

You still call my phone
Cause you still want me
I'll tell my friends you're so annoying
You'll cry and curse when you're alone
But laugh and flirt when we're on the phone


Now I see you with him
It was nothing like I thought it'd be
I'll break down
For you

[Chorus: x2]

I know I hurt you
I know I hurt you

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