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Artist: Mew Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on A Triumph for Man
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There's a shooting star.
Can you tell me how I'm supposed to screw this up?
Add my tremolo,
likes to shine on yours and mine.
All my emptiness is confined in metric rhyme.

Make all your lies come true.
I've been a liar too.
Follow the things you need.
Make your whole life complete.

There's a puking girl.
There's a puking girl trying to define herself.
If spontaniously congealed into nothing.
Idiot. You could have become you.
There's a friend trapped in this dream too.

It's like I said before,
like in the notes you tore.
Laying there on the floor.
Untill you knock the door.
What did you hope to find?
Leaving it all behind.

Should I say goodnight to you?
Really I.. Tender feelfull sin.
Tell me honestly, am I adorable?
In her beautiful balloon.
She's got hands but she cannot reach the moon.
Wish I was gay, then I wouldn't have to play all her games.
Get her started. How could I not forget?

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