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Album: Track 15 on MM..FOOD
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[MF Doom]
One lonely evening alone home
End up with
carpal tunnel syndrome
Here I am don't forget the heavy
back aches
Grown and living off of little Debbie snack
Supposed to be checking e-mails
All I got is
messages from ass naked females
don't know no jenny she said its free and I wont owe her a
And that's the last time I saw her
thousands of more horror and on-line Gomorra
They got 'em with they curls out
And they got
a better sales pitch then the girl scouts
I wonder what I
owe her
For a whole box of caramel coconut
Nite nite
Ok honey sweet dreams now it
gets very serious like peach creams
A metal hand filled
squish it on the quilt
Misses wakes up and I'm killed
over spilled milk
Locked in looking at your
Fully clothed winter and I right there wit
Thinking about the last time I split your wishbone
man could only wish you could do the same till he get
Fat chance
At least he got snacks
Better have
the due till a brother get back
Till then smack when I
I hope wanna hit peoples kookies with a fried
That's three different flavors
vanilla, and strawberry wafers
He acting all hard bout to
get beat up
I'll show him what time it is once I get
his feet up
As soon as he fell off his beat down all I hear
Thirteenth cell put the sheet down
Damn C.O.
the hell do she know
Besides the fact that she wants her
back dug out on the d-low
A workaholic with a fountain in
the ink pen
House in the mountains and he stop drinking
In the wee hours he's gotten farther
three showers getting hot and bothered
The wiz with her legs
bent pregnant
God blessed the dick she wondered where her
egg went
He got to hell but it's hard to drink with out
And could use some kookies but trying not to think about
Watch him bet on jazz from knowledge on file
other commercial college hoes gone wild
Soft batch he prefer
the other bunch like they got for lunch
Chocolate fudge
butter crunch
Don't mess with the ritz bitz, wheat
thins, saltine triskits
Motts so's and cheese
Catch sugar fits every time he sees a nice pair
Chips ahoy double chocolate chunk
Something with the
bubble and the junk in the trunk
Even the oreo
No matter
what the weather
Always kept dipped in milk and stuck
In the game he's shameless even uses a code
name Famous Amos
Cheaper than a short stay at the day's
inn and good like 25 cent oatmeal raisin
Give it up to who
invented the camera
Never mind the ginger bread men and the
Make sure she don't wake from her
Killer get caught with a hand full of cream
It might seem ill

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