MF Grimm - Do It for the Kids Lyrics

Goin'out to my nigga Rob Swift
For having faith in me
I'm a show niggaz East Coast is back
And all that other shit is gay
I represent for Manhattan

Time to set it

Tech 9 dreams, and mack (a lever) wishes
in for red is beaming on the target makin'sure there is no missing
Your funeral you know who's blowing kisses at your widow
It sounds fucked up but your widow's doing dildo (ghetto)
You and me and your death she didn't dwell
You're living up in heaven but I know you're mad as hell
No one knows I killed you except you
(Whispering) But we all know that dead men can't tell sh...
Homicides in the dark kid trace the bullet pick up the shell
Doctor laid out your fuckin head
Shakin'gates in heaven because she's fucking me
Swingin' on God cause you need??? to get to me
Your spirit ain't shit to me kid step to me
Your history goes (bust the ass) kickin' victory
When it come to hardcore I am (epithomy)
of evil, so don't pull stucks like (cannival?)
I bring storm

Violence in the belly of the beast won't cease
I packed the piece at least, this world permanently crissed?
Far from weak, not too many better
Hardcore is colored black but that shines like packed leather
Food for thought, hush, eat my words, reads your mind
MCs engraved in grapes I crush the wine
A deadly breed no fag and bad seeds
You'll never forget me like the jews will never forget Hitler's bad deeds
Braincells are blown like a bike tire
Ignites escape the mental hell I'm runnin' through the verbal fire
I wonder if friends will see me at my best
But I lost a lot of friends of violent crimes in the process
My attitude's (I miss) I like drama
Forget about my crimes I smoke a lot of scammer
I have few things to live for but even more to die for
My niggaz out the street is what I strive for

To die unheard, I won't grant it
Six feet under this planet, unknown I can't stand it
Platinum don't mean shit
When you've perpetrated someone else's lifes
And their life ain't legit
And how we livin? we livin day by day
Ain't no tellin' on earth how long you get to stay
Microphone friction with diction in speakers
Called feedback
? be black when you attack
Or repeat hear the words I speak
Weak beat, strong vocals
No question the beats, delete
Grimm's voice is elite,
Everyone loves a winner but what happens when the winner meets defeat?
Nuclear thoughts boom radiation termination
Clouds and mushroom spells doom to all creation.
Fuck World War I or World War II, see
Cause rap has gotta deal with World War Me
And World War Me equal World War Three
We can rhyme or either fight kid, so what's it gonna be?

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Grandmaster Interview
  • 2 Take Em to War
  • 3 Manhattan
  • 4 King of New York
  • 5 Get Down (feat. DJ Ekim)
  • 6 Hip Hop Interview
  • 7 So Watcha Want?
  • 8 Getting Shot Interview
  • 9 Bloody Love Letter
  • 10 Comrade Interview
  • 11 Scars & Memories
  • 12 Percy Carey Interview
  • 13 Crumb Snatchers
  • 14 In the End (feat. Yves St. Larock)
  • 15 AIDS (feat. Kool G Rap, Akinyele, CJ Moore & Big Chuck)
  • 16 MF Grimm Interview
  • 17 The Original
  • 18 Wack Emcees (feat. Nomad, Yves St. Larock & Wayne-O)
  • 19 Do It for the Kids
  • 20 Emotions (feat. B-One)
  • 21 Dedicated (feat. Squeeze)

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    album: Track 19 in album Scars & Memories
    release date: 2005-4-26
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    Album Information
    label: Day By Day Entertainment
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin