My House Lyrics

MF Grimm

album: Track 7 in album The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man
release date: 2007-9-25
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genres: Hip Hop
length: 4:18

Cover Art

MF Grimm The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man cover art
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Took a trip out to Hersheypark, it was strictly business
Wasn't out there looking to settle
I met this girl and she was so beautiful
Asked her her name and she told me Gretel
I said Gretel how are you, I'd like to get to know you
My name is Gingy, there's so much I could show you
Yankee hat backwards, look very dapper
I had a pinky finger ring pop fresh out the wrapper
She liked what she saw, her eye caught the jewels
How you make your living Gingy, what do you do?
I said I'm into candy like Willy Wonka
Work down on Wall Street, trade a lot of chocolate
Couldn't tell the truth, had to think quick
I don't work on Wall Street, I move it by the brick
M&M's by the bag never that's loco
Swiss Miss is my muse, she smuggle cocoa
God works mysterious, tricks up his sleeves
It's funny that I met you, I was about to leave
But I'm glad that I stayed, it's nice to meet you
You look so sweet Gretel, I could just eat you
She said I melt in your mouth not in your hands
I said Gretel I'm about to bounce so what is your plan?
She said chilling with my girlfriends, waiting for Hansel
So he can drive me home, I'm hoping he don't cancel
I asked her if Hansel was her lover
She said nah silly, Hansel is my brother
In that case tell him he don't have to do that
Don't worry I'll take you back
She said I don't even know what to say
I live kinda far, I hate to put you outcha way
Nah it's no problem, don't even trip
Just wait right here while I go get the whip
I pulled up in a six hundred gingerbread Benz
Chocolate interior, you should've seen her friends
Car candy coated, they couldn't understand
They said you better catch that nigga while you can
I told her I had a sweet tooth, she was eye candy
My blood sugar's low, I had to keep her close to me
I said your perfume smells like caramel
Come to my house, you could ride my carousel
She laughed, she said swell
I'm serious, I really got a carousel
You really got a carousel?
I really got a carousel
Damn trading chocolate, Gingy you're doing well
Come back to my house
You will love it
Come back to my house
You will love it
I live deep in the forest where the trees are the thickest
Not worried about neighbors, five hundred acres
With milkshake lakes, mountains made from cakes
She said cool, sounds like fun, take me there
While I was driving she was playing with my hair
When we pulled up you should've seen her expression
She said wow, it's a gingerbread mansion
Walls made of peppermints, floors made of licorice
Jolly Rancher chandeliers, you are every woman's wish
Bed made of chocolate, pillows filled with cotton candy
Sheets made of Juicy Fruit, spent a lot of dough shopping
Lick of pure butterscotch had to get her tipsy
Then she got the whipped cream, sprayed it on Gingy
She said how many licks do it take to lick
To the center of a Tootsie Roll in a Tootsie Pop
We got wild with the hot fudge, freaky with the ice cream
Gretel was a nice treat with a cherry on top
Ain't no party like a gingerbread party
Cause a gingerbread party don't stop
Ain't nobody shaped like Gretel's body
Cause Gretel's body shaped real hot
Come back to my house
You will love it
Come back to my house
You will love it
Come back to my house
You will love it
Come back to my house
You will love it
Come back to my house
You will love it
Come back to my house
You will love it
Come back to my house my house my house

Track Listing

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Hunt for the Gingerbread Man
  • 3 Head in the Clouds
  • 4 Gingy
  • 5 Half Baked
  • 6 The Fox
  • 7 My House
  • 8 Fame
  • 9 Earth
  • 10 Gangsta Pastries (feat. Chico Stick)
  • 11 See No Evil
  • 12 Outro
  • 13 Head in the Clouds (remix)