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Artist: Michael Bublé Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on To Be Loved
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Never been in trouble,
And never got hurt.
Never had to struggle,
and never had to work
hard for anything before, believe me
Lord, I've got it easy

I feel guilty a little, I've been given so much
People are dying in the dark,while I'm lying in the sun
And I sleep like a baby, every night it seems
I'm having the sweetest
dreams. I can say honestly, I got it easy

Now I'm not trying to brag about it
So I say I appreciate it, completely
And when I'm acting a fool, you're never cruel to me
I've got it easy, yeah, yeah, oh, oh, yeah, yeah

It probably isn't much fun to be alone
I wouldn't know, cause I've got you here, keeping me afloat
And when I’m lost you set me straight, sometimes I need it
You raise me up babe,I got it easy

Oh, some people drown in here, when I'm walking and it's only knee-deep
I don't mind it a bit, on this cold rainy evening
I roll over in bed, got a beautiful woman beneath me
Every night, I got it easy, yeah, yeah, oh, oh, yeah
I got it easy, yeah, yeah, oh, oh, yeah, yeah

The world is wide open to me but it's yours that
completes me, yeah
Lord, I got it easy

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