Michael Hutchence - Put the Pieces Back Together Lyrics

Artist: Michael Hutchence Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Michael Hutchence
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Saw a million pieces
Of the shape I'm in
Hanging from a chandelier
Have a taste of everything
Nothing gonna get me crying out for more
Seen nothing to seduce me
Seen it all before

He's another leader
Pretty head on the block
Got another axe to grind
If the dust ain't hard
Can he taste the money dripping off the tongue
All is fair in love and war
With a cold heart and a smoking gun

Sooth me
Sue me
Sooth me
Sue me

Put the pieces back together
Every moment back together

In your quiet moments
Looking back in tears
Can I count the nights you've lived
That you'd live again
Looking for the real thing to even up the score
Finding out you're lonely
With an open door

Sooth me
Sue me

I guess I lied too

I saw a million pieces
Of the shape I'm in
Hanging from a chandelier
Put the pieces back together

***** cat, ***** cat
Where have you been?
I've been down to London
To see the queen

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