Michael Learns to Rock Breaking My Heart Lyrics

Artist: Michael Learns to Rock
Publishers: ©EMI Music Publishing
Last update: April 20, 2015
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Length: 4:03
Writer: Richter
Genre: Soft rock
Labels: EMI-Medley
Producer: Michael Learns To Rock
Length: 4:03
Released: 1997-09
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I'm on the floor
Counting one minute more
No one to break the silence

Staring into the night
All alone but that's alright
It's the feeling deep inside I don't like

There is no excuse my friend
For breaking my heart
Breaking my heart again
This is where our journey ends
You breaking my heart again

Here in my bed
Counting the words you've said
They linger in the shadows

Coming home late at night
Drunk again but that's alright
It's the look in your eyes I don't like

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