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Listen baby this is the deal
I need a minute to tell you how I feel
I've got this one thing on my mind
Like an obsession it's keeping me spellbound

I have to get just a little bit more
Won't let this moment walk right out the door
I feel your presence within miles
And when I'm with you I see the sunrise

So baby hold me close to you right now
I'm only waiting for you to teach me how
To laugh and cry to live and die

In your arms tonight
So baby show me how to laugh and cry

The world around us is moving so fast
We've gotta live love and try to make it last
From this moment the colour is red
And what my heart wants is one road ahead.


Cause baby within my heart
You are my forever shining star
Where ever the road may lead
In you I will believe
Forever and ever

So baby show me how to laugh and cry
How to laugh and cry

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