Michael Learns to Rock - Paint My Love Lyrics

Artist: Michael Learns to Rock Lyrics
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Released : December 3, 1997
Format : CD single
Recorded : 1996
Genre : Pop rock, soft rock
Length : 3:48 (Album)
Label : EMI
Writer(s) : Jascha Richter
Producer : Michael Learns to Rock
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From my youngest years till this moment here
I've never seen such a lovely queen
From the skies above to deepest love
I've never felt crazy like this before

Paint my love you should paint my love
It's the picture of thousand sunsets
It's the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love

Been around the world then I met you girl
It's like coming home to a place I've known


Since you came into my life
The days before all fade to black and white
Since you came into my life
Everything has changed

[Chorus: x2]

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