Michael Learns to Rock - This Is Who I Am Lyrics

Artist: Michael Learns to Rock Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Take Me to Your Heart
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Now baby who's to blame
You keep my picture in a frame
Without room to move

Now show me the man
That could fit into your plan
Of a faultless love

Now we have to sail and we have to live
And we have to fail and we have to forgive

This is who I am
A part of me that you don't understand
And I love you still
I'm only riding through the hills

But it's a minor thing
You're still the one that makes me sing
Until the end of time

And you caught my love in a summer breeze
But sometimes there's a bird that I have to release


Can't you see you only want the best of me
Now you've got the ball don't you let it fall


This is how I feel
A little part of me that you don't understand
This is who I am
A little part of me that you don't understand

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