Michael Learns to Rock - You Took My Heart Away Lyrics

Artist: Michael Learns to Rock Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Blue Night
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Staring at the moon so blue
Turning all my thoughts to you
I was without hopes or dreams
I tried to dull an inner scream but you
Saw me through

Walking on a path of air
See your faces everywhere
As you melt this heart of stone
You take my hand to guide me home and now
I'm in love

You took my heart away
When my whole world was gray
You gave me everything
And a little bit more
And when it's cold at night
And you sleep by my side
You become the meaning of my life

Living in a world so cold
You are there to warm my soul
You came to mend a broken heart
You gave my life a brand new start and now
I'm in love


Holding your hand
I won't fear tomorrow
Here where we stand
We'll never be alone


You become the meaning of my life
You become the meaning
You become the meaning of, my life

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