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I knew when I met you something was going to happen
My life was off balance, nothing had been going right
You said, What's a lonesome cowboy like you doin' in the city?
I said, I don't know but I guess I'll find out tonight

Still taking chances
Taking candy from strangers
Speedin' up on curves
Ignoring the dangers
Feel like a fool learning new dances
It keeps me on my toes
Still taking chances
Ain't scared of winnin'
Swingin' for the bleachers in the ninth inning
Still taking chances
Before chances take me away
Before chances take me away

Maybe I should have thought it over when you said, Will you join me later?

I said, Honey I don't know if it's right
But when you turned and walked down the street, I followed
I felt like I was following a truckload of dynamite

Repeat Chorus

Been three years now since we got together
You took a chance on me
Now I'm out here taking chances for you
I'll get through

Repeat Chorus

I'm still taking chances
Before they take me away
Take me away
Take me away
Give me a chance now, darlin'
Yeah, I'm still taking chances
Still taking chances
Still taking chances
Still taking chances

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