Michael Ruff - What Kind Of World Lyrics

Artist: Michael Ruff Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Speaking in Melodies
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All alone,
This is the time of day to have a home
Hungry now
Where is my heart
Oh how I need someone to just believe in me
CHORUS: Watching like angels
White clouds go passing by
Hovering, cover me
Watching like angels
Life is strange
Where is my soul
Can I be invisible to everyone
Hold me know (now?)
My dreams will comfort me while I am lost
Something has changed, feeling better
My face is warm and love is watching
Watching like angels
Warm sun and endless sky
Hovering, cover me
Watching like angls
CHORUS Watching like angels
[Written one week before our baby was born.
This is the first song she heard(outside the womb).
I heard it for the time that evening, as well]

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