Miguel - The Thrill Lyrics

Artist: Miguel Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Kaleidoscope Dream
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Can you roll down a window
I just wanna feel the wind blow, in my face

Cause these moments go ugly and get undone
That's why I never wanna close my eyes
Yeah, I can feel them right in the air, tonight
Got a trouble, you can tell

And I, can't wait
And I, can't wait
It's the thrill I feel my heart beat racing
And I, can't wait, can't wait

Tell me johnny and jack know
Shoot them up, shoot them down, Sh shh shooter
Dancing up we never black out
Nowadays, nowadays, never hesitate now

Cause these moments go ugly and get undone
And We're just laughing as we loose our mind, yeah
It could be a riot in the air tonight
Start to call it trouble, you can tell


Till they play our song, till the lights go on
Till we can't drive home
Shout give me more, give me more
Till were all alone, till we greet the sun
Give me more, give me more, yeah
Give me more, give me more


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