Mike Doughty Sunken-Eyed Girl Lyrics

Artist: Mike Doughty
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Length: 3:23

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Sunken-eyed girl in the sandwich shop
Ladle my soup from the kettle pot, so
Swoony my self with the smolder looks
Parsing that gaze for the right intention
Sunken-eyed girl don't let me go
You're the whole world and you barely know so
You are the drinks I drink and keep drinking and
Fall down stumble
All of the things I think and keep thinking and
Lay down tremble
These tears are bound to fall
Sunken-eyed girl on the Ludlow Street
Junkieland once but they swept it up, so
Sing in my mind, singing you're so sweet
I need a bundle of dope just to numb it out and I'm
Feeling so good that it hurts my skin
Feeling so good I could do myself in
You are the drinks I drink and keep drinking and
Wake up tremble
All of the blinks I blink and keep blinking and
Fall down stumble
No prize for you
No trophy too
Keep walking through
And I'm
Not worth a dime
I'll drag you down
Don't waste your time
Sunken-eyed girl on Delancey Street
Bulletproof glass in the KFC to
Keep the man safe in his paper hat
Keep the wrong hands off the biscuit fortune