Miley Cyrus I Learned From You Lyrics

Artist: Miley Cyrus
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Sometimes I couldn't hear what you tried to tell me
I thought that I knew all I need to know
I didn't understand that the doors you would open
Could take me to somewhere I wanted to go
I can be strong for you now
You taught me how
I learned from you
That I do not crumble
I learned that strength is something you choose
All of the reasons to keep on believing
There's no question that's a lesson
I learned from you
You know where to find all of my hiding places
And there are no secrets from you I can keep
You let me know how you feel pulling no punches
And I never knew that kind of honesty
I'm grateful for all of the times
You opened my eyes
You help me to stand on my own
And I thank you for that it saved me it made me
And now that I'm looking back I can say
Chorus 2x
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