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Writer(s) : MIMS/SIMONS
Artist: Mims Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Music Is My Savior
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Cop it
Put it in the pot
Then rock it
Put it out
Look how I profit
Haters tryin' to knock it
But I won't stop
'Cause they know I'm about to blow

Yes, it's me
The underestimated emcee
So ill with the flow I need a M.D.
Somebody call a doctor
I make 'em all sick when I hop out the Phantom of the Opera
Opposite to what I call a failure
I am the reason y'all can't look in the mirrors
But don't worry: I see **** a lil' clearer
Go ahead and act funny, but you ain't stackin' money
And therefore we ain't here for the best
Matter of fact, homey, I can't hear y'all
I'm deaf
I spit it in sign language, mob language
Keep me around bread like a sandwich
The plane done landed
The plan unveiled
Now, gimme some space; I'm outta this world
Some *****s say they just tryin' to get a nut
That may be true, but I'm a very big squirrel
Y'all *****s get in some **** and just bail
I'm at the precinct like, "**** it, it's just bail."
Me, I'm a very big deal with some very big work on a very big scale


I heard it was: squeeze first, ask questions later
So which one of y'all is the next to ask?
Be the same one of y'all up next to blast
I suggest you raise up, like Exxon gas
You bullshittin', I'm talkin' what I could do
Mims is hotter than some cooked food
I'm a good dude, so usually I chill
But if you look close enough, you can see my steel
Yes, I'm concealed
Yes, I'm the ****
You think his paper long? You should see my deal
I'm Microsoft Mims, I rock wit' Bill Gates
First week, shipped a mill out the gate
And I ain't tryin' to brag, I just set the record straight
My **** push four; I'm just tryin' to move eight
You tryin' to catch up with me, ya too late
All you do is lose weight
I move weight
Drive through states
Push meals like every day was a Tuesday
Wow, that's real
Y'all iced grill
I'm laughin' on my way to the bank wit' a nice meal


I'm a Range Rove rapper
Plain-clothes rappers
Need to stop actin' like the thang won't clap ya
I am not a killer, nor do I defend 'em
I don't swing at dudes; I am not a pendulum
I don't write laws or rules, *****, I bend 'em
I don't start careers when I beef, *****, I end 'em
You don't want it with me; I can see clearly
You match up with I?
Please, barely
Dog, I'm nearly as high as it gets
I get weary in the sky when I fly like this
I'm so high, it's gettin' kinda hard to top it
So imagine when the album drop, I'm a make y'all...


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