Mims It's Alright Lyrics

Artist: Mims
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:17

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Woo, uh, Mims!
I came to blow a grip
You know I don't care
Grab a couple stacks
Throw the money in the air
Drive the black car
Open up the bar
Shut the club down
Leave with a couple broads
You're ****ing with a star
You can see the glow
I'm pushing forty stacks for a ten minute show
*****, do the math
I'm a need a bath
'Cause I'm filthy rich, making money out the ***
My little cousin told me
This is my year
I won't stop till a ***** shuttin' down Times Square, yeah!
I do this for the block, no lies
So I can drop the top on the 645
See, until you're on top, *****s don't show respect

My name Mims, aka cut the check
See, I keep it so hot, but I never bust a sweat
I used to play the bench, but now I'm on deck
When I'm hopping off the jet, *****s' face look upset
But I'm quick to tell them

It's all right
I'm so quick to tell them
It's all right

Now you know your **** popping when the chick you just met
Got your name tattooed on the *** and the neck
All the ladies love me
I'm their favorite MC
***** true definition, "P.I.M.P."
There ain't a place I ain't been
Every strip, every scene
Like my ***** B.I.G. said, "It was all a dream."
Now I'm sitting in the Beam, inside money green
***** all about the cash; you can tell how I lean
Keep your eyes on the beam like I told you in the hot song
It's all about the cake, being broke ain't an option
Haters in the hood with the heat trying to pop strong
I'm a quick grip when they see me with the rock song



I'm the freshest ************ on the scene
A grand on the jeans sitting on some ice cream
I represent New York, big city of dreams
Where we ride on tens, but you know we keep it clean
See, I lay my game down
Flip a few styles
Ten times out of ten you gon' like the way it sounds
You know I get it in; and if you don't like it, it's fine
So get yours 'cause I'm a definitely get mine


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