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Album: Track 3 on Walking Home From Nicole's
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You're somewhere out there
don't know what you do
but your commitment fades just like a bad tattoo
and I don't blame you
cos' I know what's wrong
I just can't spell it out in words no more
seems like our memories are growing old
cos when I'm with you it's like I'm all alone
and I'm so tired of being sad
and I'm fucking bored with analysing it
this is how we come undone (ahh-aaha)
this is how we come undone (ahh-aaha)
this is how we come undone,
I can't fight this feeling
but it's not our fault, we're just been on our own to long
for this electrolove... electrolove..
You say you want me,
I say I want you back,
I want you to have me
but you seem uncertain, seems like our love declared
is a love unheard of
and I don't know how
to make you smile
how to get you off
or how to make you mine
don't even know how to let you go
I don't know how it seems I just don't know
But I know how to let you down (ahh-aaha)
I know how to let you down (ahh-aaha)
I know how to make you frown,
and even though I'm out of line
I hate to say "I told you so"
I can't let you go..
Electrolove.. Electrolove..
Like a wild flower fighting
for life on a rock
I'm too much with myself
not to see what I got..
and I got dreams that I call my own
but they are not completed by me alone.
can you be that someone?
electrolove.. electrolove.. electrolove..
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