Minor Majority She's a New Yorker Lyrics

Artist: Minor Majority
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I take off with the aeroplane
thinking 'bout yesterday
if it's already part of the past
I rethink the promises made,
things I didn't say
the stages we pass..
Cos it's all 'bout a girl
Mine is a perfectly predictable world
She's a New Yorker, and me, I'm on my way out of town
She's a New Yorker, and me, I'm spread all around
In my hand there's a sleeping pill,
rolled into a dollar bill
It's got a name, but I cannot recall
In my mind theres an ongoing fight
between wrong and right
and the end isn't happy at all,
so I ask for a drink
cos I think of unthinkable things
Like leaving New York without giving her the ring
She's a New Yorker, to me, it's the weirdest thing
When we're alone we're almost like children
so afraid to let go
when we're apart I count the days by the sickened
then the telephone calls
There's this ad in a magazine
revealing a one-night dream
it's shines like the sun (Shines like the sun)
and I cannot but stare at this girl
cos her clothes are not on (oooh-oooh)
That's except for her shoes (oooh-oooh)
It doesn't look like she's gonna move
She's a New Yorker, and me, I'm spread all around
She's a New Yorker, and me, seems I'm homewhere bound..
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