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Album: Track 9 on Walking Home From Nicole's
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There were times, when I couldn't even look her in the eyes
But this is long ago
There were words, but they're just words, my love
These were words of love
There were times like these
You're something else, that's what I keep telling myself
when I can't figure you out
and I'm not sure, if you're a rebound girl
or if I just need the comfort of a job
You were almost there..
but we were almost there..
Now I have no right, to rearrange your lie
but I'm this greedy guy
beautiful girl, and partly blind
she just can't change the fact that I
never knew her, to share
And I'm not even half-way there
How come you want me out of sight,
when you squeeze my hand this hard?
How come you push me away,
when I'm trying to set you-ah, trying to set you-ah,
trying to set you free.

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