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born in the shed with the guitar on
we jammed the schtik to do four gigs.
with bits and pieces
of a working thesis (?)
we jammed the schtik to do four gigs
now when we took me and d boon's
and george's stench
and put them up on stage
we'd fight at practice
then jam econo
and spout the tour-spiel
i dreamed I was e bloom
but I woke up joe bouchard
in some town out on the road
with patent-leather boots on
just like richard told me
another hack on the "spectors" tour
now you got your guitar
and your practice amp
you travel the usa in a van
and troccoli's counting on some situation
are you going to write the song I demand?
and with the guitar turned off
and the gas tank empty
and the typewriter on
but my head is empty
and to really find me
i've got to look inside me
and cut the tour-spiel

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