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I met him on the edge of a goodbye.
I was standing there with no place left to fly.
I was young but never green, a little wiser than my time it seemed.
He told me about the places he could hide.
Wild and kinda crazy most the time.
My heart was hanging on his every lie.
I memorized his every thought,
But the walls he had could never be brought down,
And now he's not around.
Guess I'm just a face left in the crowd.

Oh California, please come back to me....
Oh California, you're who I want to be...
Live inside of me...

Vivid picture plays inside my head.
Of things he swore we'd never do again.
He put on that LA face
And left me with a bittersweet taste of life.
And that's enough to keep me alive.


I know you're lyin somewhere in the arms of destiny.
Your memory it still lingers here and I'll never set it free.


Live inside of me...

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