Miranda Lambert - Love Is Looking for You Lyrics

Writer(s) : LAMBERT
Artist: Miranda Lambert Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Kerosene
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Maybe your just jaded from some nobody's unforgotten words
Maybe your just faded a little gray from every time
That you've been hurt
So your looking for your skin
That you never did fit in
You can't hide when your turned inside out
Love is looking for you now

Maybe you've been burning
But you can't blow out a flame that you can't find
Maybe you've been thirsty
But the rain ain't enough when your this dry
So your running from the water
And the fire's getting hotter
I think you better find some level ground
Love is looking for you now
Love is looking for you now

Maybe you've been wearing
The shoes that someone else
Is wearing now
Maybe your swearing forever
Might have already run out
You can't love yourself
At the expense of someone else
You can't hide a liar
From the truth
Love is looking for you
Love is looking for you
I've been looking for you
Baby, I've been looking
I've been looking for you

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