Missy Elliott Back In The Day Lyrics

Artist: Missy Elliott
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, MASS CONFUSION
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Length: 4:55

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"Brothers and sisters!
Brothers and sisters, I don't know what this world is coming to!"

Whats up Missy? Timbo!

This is

Hip-Hop! Yes!

Elliott, exclusive

Yes, uh
One for the butters, I came from the gutter
No I came from my mother but why'all know what I mean
Hov' is here to stay like permanent crease in your jeans
Me and Missy be the new +Tag Team+
"Whoomp! There It Is"
We like, Rae & Ghost, A.G. and Showbiz
We "Public Enemy number one," our "Uzi Weighs a Ton"
This is our house, run!

What happened to those good old days? {HA?}
When hip-hop, was so much fun
Oh, house parties in the summer y'all (c'mon)
And no one, came through with a gun
It was all about the music y'all
It helped, to relieve some stress {HA?}
Oh, we was under one groove y'all (y'all)
So much love {HA?} between North and West

[Chorus: Missy Elliott]
Go back in the day
British Knights and gold chains
Do the prep and cabbage patch
And wear your laces all fat
Back in the day, hey hey
Hip-Hop has changed

Remember when we used to battle? (uh-huh)
On the block {HA?} before the lights came on
Oh! Mama said we would be straight A kids (c'mon)
If we did our homework, like we knew those songs
Salt-N-Pepa, Rakim, and P.E.
D.M.C, and Heavy D
Yes! Daddy Kane, Slick Rick too (oh-oh!)
MC Lyte ("Paper Thin") opened, doors for you and me, see'mon


Young! J. Bizzy, let's do it again *****
Grew up the way it oughta be
From day KRS-One all the way up to "Nineteen Naughty Three"
To M.O.P., we "Cold as Ice"
***** we rock it from the "Dre Day" to the Suge Knight
So **** Chuck Phillips and Bill O'Reilly
If they try to stop hip-hop, we all gon' rally *****
Post Biggie and 'Pac I gotta hold down the city
Make a ***** want to 'holla' like Missy, but **** it
Just let a ***** MC
The best rapper alive, unquestionably
If you rip on your "EP" you gonna need an +MD+
So "You Gots to Chill" cause I "Kill at Will"
Like solid water dude; y'all *****s don't get it
"Kill at Will," solid water? Ice Cube
Ha ha, that's how hip-hop has evolved
Jay-Z's for President, I'm naming Ra as the National God

Me and Jigga, Jigga J-J-Jay-Hova
I rocks the mic right whether I'm pissy drunk or sober
Misdemeanor fo'-finger ringer I'm stupid fresh
I've been hot since LL rocked the Kangol hat
Yes yes, the yes yes, the yes y'allin'
See'mon, aw yeah, aw yeah
Okay, me, that ***** Jigga, fresh dressed in the morning
See'mon, aw yeah, aw yeah


I want to, go back in, time (let's go)
Feels like I, I want to, go back in, time
Feels like I (Y'all remember "Self Destruction"?)
I want to, go back in, time
(Where all the rap artists got on a record together?)
Feels like I, I want to, go back in, time
(I used to love them days, no tension, let's go!)

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