Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On Lyrics

Artist: Missy Elliott Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Miss E ...So Addictive
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Head banga, hit me
Hit me, hit me
Hit me, hit me
Yeah, hit me
Gimme some new ****, yeah
Gimme some new ****, yeah
Gimme some new ****, yeah
Gimme some new ****

Missy be puttin' it down
I'm the hottest 'round
I told y'all mother-ooh
Y'all can't stop me now
Listen to me now
I'm lasting twenty rounds
And if you want me (*****) then come and get me now
Is you with me now?
Then biggie-biggie-bounce
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style
(Holla) People sing around
Now people gather 'round
Now people jump around

[Chorus: x2]
Go, get ur freak on
Go, get ur freak on
Go, get ur freak on
Go, get ur freak on
Go, get ur freak on
Go, get ur freak on
Go, get ur, get ur, get ur, get ur, get ur freak on

Who's that *****?
People you don't know
Me and Timbaland been hot since twenty years ago
What the dealio?
Now what the drilly, yo
If you wanna battle then (*****) let me know
Holla, gotta feel me son
Let me throw you some
People here I come
Now sweat me when I'm done
We got the radio shook like we got a gun

[Chorus: x2]

Shhh, hush your mouth
Silence when I spit it out, {spit sound} in your face
Open your mouth, give you a taste
Holla, ain't no stoppin' me
Copywritten, so don't copy me
Y'all do it, sloppy-ly
And y'all can't come close to me
I know you feel me now
I know you hear me loud
I scream it loud and proud
Missy gon' blow it down
People gon play me now, in and out of town
'Cause I'm the best around with the crazy style

[Chorus: x2]

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