Get Away Lyrics

Mobb Deep

publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Felicia Celeste Stoney, Jarrett Johnson, Justice League
album: Track 2 in album Infamy
release date: 2001-12-11
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:41

Cover Art

Mobb Deep Infamy cover art
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Sometimes I feel I got to (get away)
For these streets like a fein for crack
But pullin me back
Its real got a ***** goin (ooh ooh) cause no matter drama or gossip
My heart is your hood my dogs *****s I rock with (get away)
Before you get clapped put the tougnes to two loose have everybody on the corner goin (ooh ooh)
Holdin they mouth shock as **** I just had to air that boy out (get away)
And now theres blood on my tims snitches callin 1 800 crime stoppers
When they see me they like (ooh ooh)
Cuz they want that thousand dollars
And not only that police will die to catch a ****ing collar (get away)
And I'm out of here ain't no telling when I be back
Get rid of this gat
Dog you know I flew (ooh ooh) hell out of dodge
***** bout this paper ain't no time to be sitting behind bars

I got to get away but **** that never let a ***** take me out of my zone
If he tryin to blown it go
(ooh ooh) wit no remorse kid its the cold hearted
Queens ***** grimey retarted
You know

'Cause I'm not playin I'm bangin hammers on *****s
Put hands on that *****s life (ooh ooh)
Just beat the **** out you I brawl like animal
Your whole team scrambling ( thats right) ( get away)
When we come through pushing new trucks
*****es be pushing and shoving to look at us
They go (ooh ooh) yeah take a good look *****
This might be last time you'll see gangsters like this
Then (get away) cuz somebody bout to die
And its going to be a stampede when them shots fly
(blah ba blah) (ooh ooh) rip that ***** you know
R.I.P your soul just lift up and (get away)
Uh huh yeah you out of here *****
I'll see on that other side bye *****
( other side) (thats right) families cry river
Courtesey of my *****s we terrorize rappers

I got to get away but **** that never let a ***** take me out my zone
If he tryin blown it go
(ooh ooh) wit no remorse kid its the cold hearted
Queens ***** grimey retarted you know
I got to get away

(No doubt tell it like it is)
Its either me or you
Believe it dog no a ***** like you ain't got **** to loose (ooh ooh)

Cuz you walking that thin line
I'm clapping you first time for a ************ trying(get away)

To put it past me
That *** be bleeding somewhere like a hemophilly act exactly (ooh ooh)
(shut the **** up)

Before its to late go at your gut
You ain't a gangster and yes you could get touched (get away)

Saw it before the henny was talking
It wasn't him but you know that nine stopped that (uh huh) (ooh ooh) ( grow up)

I swear these *****s like *****es

Why is that?

Cause these *****s always laying on their back

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  • 2 Get Away
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