Mobb Deep - Kill That Nigga Lyrics

Artist: Mobb Deep Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Infamy
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Yo, It's like this man, It's real simple

If my ***** was my ***** like I thought he was
Would he have snitched, hung me out the dry to ****
Guess you don't know a ***** 'till you catch a case with 'em
It ain't all gravy just because you make cake with 'em
It's real, *****z scared to death of state prison
To the end when a ***** get caught start snitchin'
Imagine the eyes of a ***** that you knew
For about 20 joints with the nerve to point
Hurt worser than that physical pain
You fetish ***** roll with the sorry **** now he switchin' to lame
*****z in the box could relate to my pain
All I got is my word and I'ma get you that's my word
Through family friends or even ****in' your bird
**** it anything long as your death occur
Whatever happened to death before dishonor
It's time for your end and i'ts my honor


(Kill that *****)
Never wish death, only if I have to, if it's my last option left
(Kill that *****)
Should of kept your mouth tight he's losin' his life
Be locked up or sending out kites

Ay yo this ***** runnin' 'round runnin' his mouth speakin' on the wrong ****
What the **** is this Dave Letterman **** on the late night
Creep on the talk show as rap asses get shot in they throat, speak on that
Girlie mouth ***** you worse than a *****
I done shot *****z for you put my life at risk
How you gonna go behind me and knife my back
Must be insane and I got a cure for that
My hammer will knock sense in the ***** real quick
Nail a ***** tongue with the four fifth
***** you in violation of that code of silence
*****z like you get real *****z unedited
We can have that kidnap that ***** torture and tourment that snitch
We gotta make examples out these hummig bird ****s
Matter fact pull 'em out the trunk, I'm bout to

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Never wish death

Kill that ***** (3x)

I'm sendin' out kites

Kill that ***** (4x)

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