Modern Talking - SMS to My Heart Lyrics

Writer(s) : BOHLEN, DIETER
Artist: Modern Talking Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on America: The 10th Album
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You are so far (You are so far)
Oh like the star (Oh like a star)
Oh I feel inside, I miss you tonight
Do anything to make your mine

A lonely night (A lonely night)
The stars shine bright (The stars shine bright)
I have an idea to have you near
Here just by my side

Send me a little SMS to my heart
Send me a little SMS like I do
Oh baby, I will never tearing apart
'Cause my heart is missing you

Send me an S, send me an M
Send me an SMS to my heart
Send me an S, send me an M
Send me an SMS and we try a start
Hey little girl (Hey little girl)
It's a lonely world (It's a lonely world)
Hear my SOS, babe, I confess
Cannot live without your love
I'm lost in space (I'm lost in space)
Want to see your face (Wanna see your face)
Wherever you be, send some words to me
Send a message to my heart

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