Moneybrother - I'm Not Ready for It, Jo Lyrics

Writer(s) : WENDIN, ANDERS
Artist: Moneybrother Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on To Die Alone
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I can tell from the look in your eyes
Ain't no sleeping here tonight
I see it for sure,
You'll be walking right out on me
And if begging is all that's left to do
Here I go
I'm not ready for it, Jo

We've had our problems, sure I know
Instead of dealing with it, I just let 'em grow
But I've been changing, I showed you I could
Now, those changes ain't doing me any good
Question, could it really be too late? No
I'm not ready for it, Jo

I've had luck I know
But now for sure,
I need it bad
You see, it seems it turned it's back on me

Joanna, it ain't over, this ain't right
Think it over girl; just give it one more night
If then baby, after all
Your leaving is unavoidable
I'll think of something then, but right now, No
I'm not ready for it, Jo

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