Moneybrother - It's Been Hurting All the Way With You, Joanna Lyrics

Writer(s) : WENDIN, ANDERS
Artist: Moneybrother Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Blood Panic
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C´mon in, I got second thoughts
This evening, is just made for us
Lights are low
Tension´s gone
I think it´s time
We just get it on

C´mon in, I got second thoughts
Tired of whining, I know it will work for us

It´s been hurting all the way with you Joanna
We´ve been through all this before. Jo, I can´t take this no more
It´s been hurting all the way with you Joanna
We´ve been arguing and were stuck. Now were stranded out of luck
I know that we´re supposed to have all these problems, right?
But tell me what is the point in sorting them out tonight?

I don´t want it this way, and neither do you
No more talk tonight, we don´t need it
Can´t you see it really hurts

Things don´t change but baby I have
C´mon baby now let´s ****
Maybe I just ain´t the one and baby, yes you should get going
But tonight
Let´s just get it on

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