Monica - What Part Of The Game (Feat. Mia X) Lyrics

Artist: Monica Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on After the Storm
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Mamma Mia and Monica (Oh, yeah)
The game is twisted (oh)
Won't you tell them 'bout it, Mo?!

Let me tell you about these *****s I don't like (I don't like)
They ride around the 24s
With a mouth full of gold
But their children be up hungry late at night
While they out spending doe and
They trickin' on them hoes

And another thing baby that just ain't right
Is these robbers and these haters, out pullin' capers
Did you ever think that it could end your life
Think twice, get it right
Or you have to pay the price
What part of the game

What part of the game is this, oh
You claim to keep it real, but that just ain't the deal
What part of the game is this, oh
You gotta understand I feel just the way I feel
What part of the game is this, oh
You gotta pay your dues, don't be a fool
What part of the game is this, oh
And if you don't play by the rules you loose

Now let me tell you 'bout these chicks I don't like
You walk in with your man they see you're holding hands
But they try to get up wit him that same night
Saying your girl ain't the one
Would you come and spend the night

And another thing that baby just ain't right
Is you all in these clubs
Like you about to find some love
But the ***** only want ya for one night
Set you up, cut you up
Got your feelings all hurt up
What part of the game is this?


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