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Artist: Moonpools & Caterpillars Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Lucky Dumpling
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On a train headed east of here
Where I'll end up I'm not quite clear
But I can't help myself I must be settling down
Until they stop this thing I'll get around

When I hear it's been done before
And I hear it's quite a simple thing
Then I hear it's quite difficult
And I hear almost everything

Pass through deserts with mountain streams
Outside my window the scenes serene
The day I find myself I'll be so very proud
But I will not get passes up in the crowd

Now I'm not trying to cut anyone down
But I know it's been going on too long
Simply doing what you feel is the best way not to go wrong
Now I know it seems crazy
And it may be a struggle
But I can't believe all this is true
So I'm here, I'm uneasy and I'm ready to go
And I won't stop until this thing goes round and round
And I can sing like I will never know

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