Morgana Lefay - A Final Farewell Lyrics

Artist: Morgana Lefay Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Maleficium
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[The Chief Magistrate - Father & Daughter]

Hangman's dais
Not far from the crossfire stake
She stands there concealed with her cloak
Remembering her father's last words;
"Goodnight my precious
Flee from this town while you can"
Her sense fills with anger and sorrow
Her tears make her freeze in the chill
...So alone
Leave her father alone
...So alone
God, leave him alone
Towards the fire
She looks at his eyes with despair
His body is weak, and he's bleeding
From wounds made by iron and chains
...So alone
Leave her father alone
...So alone
God, leave him alone

A final goodbye
A silent farewell from his eyes
He's laughing and gives her a grin
Through the madness, he still understand...
...That it's her
Rememering her eyes
...It is her
Through the madness he cries
...So alone
She's walking away
...So alone
But he will be reborn

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