Morgana Lefay - Sorrow Calls Lyrics

Artist: Morgana Lefay Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Sanctified
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endless night her velvet veil in silver grey shining through glistening tears
and while the colours fade around her I can feel her sorrow
She can feel no happiness as she feeds the night and she cries for all the ones
she loved in life so alone she weaps the dying there is nothing she can do
just guide us to the dark and lonely skies
She is the end the stars will fall eternal night her sorrow calls
In the chilly mist I stand petrified by her eyes dark but blazing eyes
bereaved the light she is the key to the other world and to the endless night
and her veil embrace my soul combined we fly away
She is the end...
She's for real no mirage the incarnated night
her sorrow calls I must follow and leave this life
What is life, what is death just a state of being
nothing matters anymore I must follow her call

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