Morgana Lefay - State of Intoxication Lyrics

Artist: Morgana Lefay Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on The Secret Doctrine
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Your dick is in pain but you're in a good mood
With nothing in mind almost blind
Your pecker's a mess but you do feel fine
You're gucked you're sucked you've fucked
You're glued to the sheets like a piece of rock?
White stains on her behind
Fruits of the labour of the bump and grind
State of intoxication
I'm flying high on love
Make love no way
It's a physical act with no foreplay
Doin' the deeds that your boner needs
Drain your balls into the pussy you feed
You sweat you howl you growl
Fornicate her with your heart and soul
Dirty deeds done dirty sheets
A combination of sticky and sweet
State of intoxication
I'm flying high on love
Romance no chance
Extacy is like a woodoo dance
A fuck is an act not a shameful crime
It has been done since the dawn of time
What do we do? We screw!
Armadillos are doin' it too
A matter of course our source
Nature is an unstoppable force
State of intoxication
I'm flying high on love

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