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Album: Track 2 on Symphony of the Damned
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In nomansland between heaven and hell
Madness is chanting my name
Thousand souls erratic in life
Chained in no place berawed their heaven
Out of tune noises pulsating my mind
A fatal opera inferno of sounds
My conscience fading, fading
Nowhere in time
Yesterday is tomorrow and today
Shadeless faces souls with no name
Standing hypnotized going insane
Hearing helplessly
To the symphony of the damned
I search for light that I can't find
I search for shadows in this life behind
From south of heaven they are calling me
Through this hysterical psychic custody
I feel hands of compact nothing
Tighten its grip on me
Symphony of the damned
Corridors blindly, I can see them
Flashing by in the shadows of my conscience
There is a voice calling for my soul
In my mind the senses overflowing
To a peak past of what is human
As a god I spread my wings I can fly
I am alive, I got the fire, got the rage
Like a giant bird of prey, I am the night
I am the dark, I am the raven, I am the one
That you would call descended from the sky
Like tears lost in the rain that music fades...
I am sweeping over paradise
Where this god rules in disguise
Further on to a higher place
Where I'm promised to be born again
Like tears lost in the rain that music fades...
That symphony of the damned

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