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i'm puttin the hero back in heroin
cuz i'm happier walkin dead
stickin it in
i never grew up and i'm sure i never will
and i'm sure that what i'm sayin is irresponsible
but i'm never havin kids
and i'm never gettin hitched
cuz i'm already married like a scratch to the itch
they tried to tell me in school i'm a thug
i said fuck this piece of shit school
cuz i'm on the drug

gimme heroin
jackin up again
under my skin
i'll never win
evils begin

graduate to I.V. league
steppin up from pills
intentional overdose-
or just for thrills?
everyone is sayin that i'm just bones and skin
but it really is my soul that's coming thread bare and thin
i'm feelin the sickness
i can't hold it down
it's been too long with
but without it i'm down
i don't wanna live cuz i'm fed up with it
but i blame the CIA for importing this shit

i feel the warmth of the after glow
a thoudsand years drift by
but i don't know
the land of nod knocks on the door
and offers up just a little more...

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