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Album: Track 5 on Face of Despair
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Have you thought about the future?
Has it spoiled your desire?
To worship your creator, and step into the fire
Without a doubt, there's no way out
You watch the children morn
It's serious, delirious, you wonder why you're born

Martyrs of eternity spirits in the air
Martyrs of eternity face of despair

Are we closer to disaster?
That's been brought upon our own
Do we answer to our master, whose punishment is known?
You've got to fight, within your rights, then live in fear of danger
Never give, your will to live, away to any stranger

Martyrs of eternity spirits in the air
Martyrs of eternity face of despair

Dying, looking back on our mistakes
But no one wants to learn
Dying, the children of the human race
Are part of your concern
Dying, every time you give new life
Another one will burn
Dying, martyrs of eternity
Whose souls will not return

Is it worth all the frustrations, do you think it'll all work out?
Did we fail the expectations, do people scream and shout
There's no remorse, without of course a question for the answer
They left no clues, there in recluse, the world has a terminal cancer

Martyrs of Eternity

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