Mr. Sancho Make You Mine (English) Lyrics

Artist: Mr. Sancho
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f/ Fingazz

Girl your beautiful
I'll do anything

[Chorus - Fingazz (Mr. Sancho)]
Girl your beautiful (beautiful)
I'll do anything (anything)
To make you mine
(To make you mine)
To make you mine
Your so fine you blow my mind
And a girl like you is hard to find
(hard to find)

[Verse 1 - Mr. Sancho]
I'm so confused, I never met no one like you
You make me feel so loved I just wonder if it's true
You tell me that you care, you tell me you'll be there
I'd love to be with you but losing you what makes me scared
I need you, your addictive like a drug
But let me please you, I got the remedy called love
Hey can you feel my lips, chilly, kiss your back
Touch you softly with my fingers tips and see how you react
Shh...full players in effect
And you now I always show respect
As we hit between the sheets making amor with a passion
I see the future in your eyes and see us lastin'


[Verse 2 - Mr. Sancho]
I know we don't always agree but ma it's you an me
Got to work through all these problems if you want a family
It would be nice to call you me wife
And to have a precios gift from god to tuck in at night
Let's have a baby, your so fine you blow my mind
And a girl like you is hard to find
You were hard to find now I'm blessed cause I found you
I knew from the start I loved everything about you
You put up with alot, from all them times we fought
To the times when I'm away but no your always in my thoughts
Hoye mi vida, I want you right beside me
Your beauty shines like a jewel but it's your love that blinds me


[Verse 3 - Mr. Sancho]
Enamorados, sentados juntos abrazados
Besandote los labios, sientes que te amo
Una romance que nomas encuentras en novelas
Quiero que sepas que el amor por ti es de deveras
Mija no ves nomas mirame a los ojos
Me salen lagrimas por tanto que te adoro
Disfruto todos los cariños que me haces
Tiro mi saco en un charco para que pases
Tu eres mi vida y eres mi alegria
Una chica muy bonita me das puras maravillas
Si podiera lo haria conocerte otra vez
Y tener la esperanza de algun dia ser los tres

[Chorus 2x]

Girl your beautiful
Girl your beautiful
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